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You can view all my favourite planning products here.

I use three main planners- just a normal diary, a MAMBI Happy Planner and a personal Filofax. 

My normal diary is for organising mine, hubby and lil one's social life and appointments. I use the MAMBI Happy Planner pretty much solely for TO DO lists. I'm a lover of making lists! I found I was always making 3 separate "to do" lists per day relating to myself, my family and house and blogging/crafting stuff. The Happy Planner enables me to organise my "to do" lists in one place and look at them over the course of one day or the week.
The other thing I use my Happy Planner for is for doing a decorated monthly layout. I had planned on using pretty stickers and stamps throughout my planner but I just don't have the time so the monthly layout is the only bit of decorating I now do in my planner.

I have quite restricted craft time so planning my crafting time and blog posts are essential in order that I can meet my DT commitments. Regardless of whether you're on a DT or not, we are lead busy lives so a little planning can help you make the most out of your crafting and blogging time. My planning system has changed since I first started using it. Unfortunately I bought quite a few planning stamps and stickers which I love but it's just too time consuming to use them so I have pared right down the ones I use regularly.

I use my Filofax for blog planning and DT work. My filofax is divided into 6 sections- reflecting the content of my blog: Calendar, Post Ideas, My Favs, Organisation, Videos and Social Media. I had these dividers made for me by an Etsy seller.

Obviously the calendar section covers the vast majority of my planner. I use this for scheduling my DT work, blog posts and updates to my blog.

I had these stickers made for me by an Etsy seller and I use these to help me organise my blog posts.

Here is an example of a week of blog posts. This week was a new Stamping Bella release so I had quite a few DT posts to do. I also had a Bellarific Friday post and a LOTV DT commitment on the Sunday as well.

This week shows the Monday as release day for Stamping Bella. I also uploaded a YouTube video of a Scarlet Lime Subscription Kit haul, did a non-DT post showing an MFT card, Bellarific Friday plus an Instagram photo of my craft room.

This week shows I was going to record a video on my acrylic stamp shelves and edit it plus post a non-DT Love Cynthia card. I also recorded when my Scarlet Lime Subscription kit arrived, did a Bellarific Friday post and an Instagram post.

Here are some examples of the stickers I've made myself using my blog stamps (see below to see the stamp sets I used to make these). Now that I have a Cameo Silhouette, I'll be looking into changing the way I do these

The other sections in my Filofax need little explanation except to say that they relate to the blogging side of these areas eg. where I log what new hauls I need to do, updates to sections on my blog or Pinterest boards relating to my blog etc.


I store my planning supplies in acrylic containers on my desk and in my sideboard and in a storage unit on one of my desks.

I use the container on the left for storing my planning stickers- both ones I've made and bought. As I mentioned before I bought a few (MAMBI ones) when I first started planning but I just don't have the time to do that sort of decorating so I will just use up this supply and not buy any more.

The right hand container is for planning stamps. I have a number of these that I use regularly for blog planning stickers and also for decorating my monthly layout. The stamps at the front are from my Scarlet Lime Subscription kit. As you can see, I don't have loads of planning stamps and honestly (!) don't intend to buy any more so this will be it!

These are the stamps I used for blog planning.

These are the stamps I use for my monthly layout.

The black and white storage container contains my Scarlet Lime Subscription kits. I store my washi tape (mainly from Scarlet Lime) on top in the black container.

This drawer in my sideboard contains my Happy Planner bag and various pouches (mainly Scarlet Lime), my Happy Planner punch, paper refills and dividers; and a few bits and pieces.

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